Session 143: Finding new niches and creating new services based on your clients’ needs with Ilona Naroditskiy, LPC

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Welcome to a new year and a new season of STC! I was thankful to have a couple of weeks in India over the break, seeing many family members that I haven’t seen in a while. Now we are back and looking forward to what 2018 holds! My guest today is Ilona Naroditsky, LPC, of Spectrum of Solutions, which is located here in the Philly area. Ilona’s practice focuses on families and kids with developmental, emotional, and behavioral concerns. We are discussing how she found her niche, why she likes to be transparent about her fees, and more. Join us!

What We’ll Learn

  • How Ilona decided on her niche, even though she never planned on working with children
  • The story of her son, born in 2003 and diagnosed with autism at age 4
  • How she relates on a deeply personal level with her target population
  • Advantages and disadvantages in focusing on a niche that is “so close to home”
  • Coping with the tendency to “over-sympathize”
  • Fears about being so focused on a specific niche
  • Why Ilona expanded her services at a slow rate
  • Avoiding anxiety at what other clinicians are doing
  • How each service becomes a “piece of the puzzle”
  • Creating new services based on her clients’ needs
  • Why Ilona clearly lists her fees on her website
  • Why she incorporated Lego-based therapy groups into her services 3 years ago and how they have become an effective part of her practice

Resources Mentioned

SOS Therapy Services

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