Session 152: The Process of Creating and Marketing the product using Feelings Wheel

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How are you at thinking outside the box? As private practitioners, that kind of creative thinking is vital, but we know that any journey has its bumps in the road. This episode is perfect for everyone who has thought about creating, marketing and selling a product. What is the process like? How do you take care of all the little details? What about the marketing piece of your product? We’re diving deep into these questions and more on today’s show.

My guest is Rosanne Marmor, LCSW, in Portland, Oregon. She created a Feelings Wheel as a way for clients to identify their feelings both inside and outside the therapy room. Rosanne went on a journey that took almost two years of gathering data, development, and production. She was finally able to put this tool in the hands of her clients and has been overwhelmed by its success.

What We’ll Learn

  • How she created the Feelings Wheel, from narrative therapy as a transitional tool from the therapy room to the home
  • Why identifying feelings is NOT enough
  • How creative ideas come to us at random times (like at a Food Festival!)
  • How the Feelings Wheel gives different ways of connecting to feelings with mindfulness
  • How the Feelings Wheel accommodates tactile, visual, and language learners
  • What’s included in the Feeling Wheel’s clean style
  • The balance between positive feelings and managing things that are more difficult and challenging
  • The big steps in the creative process and the obstacles in getting it printed
  • What made her persevere to finish the project, despite the roadblocks
  • “I really want people to have freedom from the pain of their feelings.”
  • Why this project is something that will serve many: “It’s much bigger than me.”
  • Being “The Implementer” in creating the Feelings Wheel out of her practice
  • The biggest lesson learned: “I can invent something and put my vision into reality.”
  • The biggest challenge: The cost
  • Overcoming doubt and fear and lining up the head, heart, and gut
  • Using the Feelings Wheel in sessions: why newer clients usually take longer to connect to it
  • How she decided on how many to produce: “Do the most you can afford.”
  • The value of a marketing person to assist you so you can focus on your expertise


Find out more about Rosanne: Rosanne Marmor LCSW

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