Session 153: Choosing the Language in Private Practice That Connects Brain and Heart with Shirani M. Pathak, LCSW



What are the essential elements in creating a successful private practice? We all know the list of things to consider and plan goes on and on and on! Everywhere we turn, there are new challenges to meet and new details to handle. Today’s show features a clinician who has navigated this journey, faced the ups and downs, and created a beautiful practice that focuses on relationships.

Shirani M. Pathak, LCSW, practices in the Bay area of the Silicon Valley of California. She has created a successful private practice that focuses on helping women who struggle in relationships. We discuss how she intentionally chose the phrasing on her website, how she took a step back to learn to “speak her clients’ language,” and the lessons she has learned in her practice-building journey. Shirani explains how she uses her mission statement and email newsletter for a deeper purpose beyond the walls of her practice.

What We’ll Learn

  • The intentional phrasing on her website and its meaning: “Helping you thrive in relationships”
  • How to choose phrasing that connects the brain and the heart
  • How listening to podcasts outside the therapy business helped her learn “non-therapy” language for entrepreneurs
  • How to identify your ideal client—and how to distinguish who may NOT be your ideal client
  • “I do my best work with those who are looking for solutions and are not still sitting in the hurt.”
  • Why Shirani chose to create a niche based solely on relationships
  • Creating a niche also involves finding out what you can’t or don’t want to focus on in your practice (and why you have to be honest about it!)
  • The nuances of working with couples together vs. separately to see their wounds, struggles, and perspectives
  • The most challenging part of working with women who struggle in relationships? “Learning to speak how my clients speak”
  • How Shirani got clarity on “my own stuff” to find alignment for herself and her clients: “I still have struggles, but I don’t LIVE there anymore.”
  • “The Soulful Relationship Blueprint”—How Shirani created this opt-in to make a bigger impact
  • Shirani’s greater purpose: Learning to live in love
  • The mission statement on Shirani’s website and how it was purposefully crafted
  • Coming up for Shirani—a book and an e-course


Resources to find out more about Shirani’s practice and resources:

Center For Soulful Relationships

Soulful Self Love

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