Session 157: How to Transition From a Therapy Model to A Coaching Model with Mary Bicknell

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What are the nuances to consider if you want to make the transition from therapy to coaching? It’s something that many therapists think about and wonder if it would work for them and their practice. We cover the ins and outs in today’s episode!

Mary Bicknell, LCSW, moved to Portland and wanted to start a coaching practice. As she made the move, she thought a coaching practice would be more family-friendly and match up better with what she wanted to accomplish. We’re discussing how she made the decision and transitioned from a therapy model to a coaching model. We go deep into pricing and marketing, and why pricing is a monumental struggle for so many in this field. Mary helps us with some “out-of-the-box” thinking that may help other clinicians and business owners. Join us!

What We’ll Learn

  • How she made the decision to pursue coaching after running a private practice
  • Considering the limitations and getting over the stigma associated with coaching
  • The internal struggle of “betraying the profession, my degrees, and my ego”
  • The biggest challenges in the transition: Pricing and Marketing
  • Learning to put a value on your expertise
  • The lifetime return on investment when you learn to value yourself:
    • Help others feel better
    • Help others make time or save time
    • Help others make money or save money
  • The game-changer for Mary? “Having my name on the business”
  • How to start with initial pricing and then increase until you reach a “value exchange”
  • Why undercharging will bring resentment
  • How to build time slots into your schedule for pro-bono work
  • Give yourself permission to charge your worth
  • Find the joy in serving your ideal clients
  • The fear involved in “niching down”
  • Why clients need to know that you’re an expert and can help them with their issues
  • The certifications and trainings involved in transitioning to coaching
  • Honing in on a niche: How Mary decided to work with women in relationships and finances
  • How much do you want to make? What multiple income streams can you have?
  • Do you have to keep your therapy practice and coaching practice separate?
  • Mary’s Top Three Tips for Making this Transition to Coaching:
    • Get clear on what you claim as your expertise
    • Recognize that you can do multiple marketing strategies
    • Realize that there is truly simplicity in business


Mary Bicknell

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill l

Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny

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