Session 163: Creating Private Practice In Only Two Weeks with The Help of Intentionality And Relationships

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Every once in a while, you’ll hear the success story of someone who breaks the mold and goes against the norms. Today’s show highlights the story of a therapist who bucks the trend of everything we normally learn on the podcast and is the direct opposite of what the experts say about building a private practice.

Katie Zimmerman, LMFT, practices in Arroyo Grande, CA. She endured some crazy circumstances that led to her leaving one job and having to quickly figure out how to create and open her private practice—in about two weeks! She found office space that was appropriately perfect, established a name for her practice, and got it going with some foundational clients. It may sound impossible, but it speaks to the importance of intentionality and relationships. Katie shares reflections on the reasons for her success, the narratives we struggle with about what we can accomplish, and the importance of certain training modalities..

What We’ll Learn

  • The two week time frame from leaving one job to opening her private practice
  • Behind-the-scenes planning and preparation that set her up to open her private practice
  • Why she already had a website up and running, even before she needed it
  • Working through the narrative from teachers, colleagues, and peers about starting and building a private practice: “It started to become this BEAST in my mind that would only be possible when I was older and had accomplished certain things.”
  • How a mentor, Julie, helped Katie walk through the steps, guided her, and gave her the confidence she needed to switch her own narrative and find success
  • Why we have to be willing to show up and say what we need, in spite of the barriers that hold us back
  • How having a positive relationship with others in the community helped set Katie up for success
  • How Katie’s training in the Gottman method and EMDR helped prepare her for private practice and allowed her to take some of her clients with her from one job to the other and gain a steady flow of referrals
  • How Katie used her already established website, Google Ad Words and Facebook ads when she opened her private practice
  • How Katie learned not to give in the the sadness and anxiety about transitioning from the former job to the new practice
  • Why it’s important to not lose the human touch
  • Katie’s intentionality in maintaining relationships by answering her phone, returning calls, and responding to emails
  • Why she isn’t just interested in helping those who pay her: “People remember those who take the time for them.”
  • “For many people, when they make the phone call, that’s the first time they’ve had contact with a therapist and they are scared. They will remember that experience.”
  • The value of Facebook ads and how to make the most of them


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