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Welcome to this solo episode! I’m talking today about all the things I thought I knew about podcasting that turned out NOT to be true. I want to help you avoid these mistakes if you’re considering embarking on your own podcasting journey. My podcasting journey spans almost 2-1/2 years now, which is still hard for me to believe. So, here we go; let’s jump right into Five Podcasting Myths and How to Avoid Them.

What We’ll Learn


  • Myth #1: Podcasting is some sort of fad and marketing technique
    • Podcasting has shown steady growth, with 67 million people listening every month, and 1 in 4 Americans listening to podcasts. The STC podcast is now heard in 107 countries!
  • Myth #2: Podcasting has to be a super expensive venture
    • It CAN be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to have the latest and greatest equipment but can start with simple gear.
  • Myth #3: Podcasting is too time-consuming
    • My time-saving tips include following the 1:4 ratio of content creation to production time and hiring an editor
  • Myth #4: My podcast won’t improve my website traffic
    • A podcast CAN improve your traffic if you use a player on your website, which can add authority and relevancy
  • Myth #5: I’m too scared to start a podcast, because WHO will listen?

The growth rate is 10-20% yearly in people listening to podcasts; a podcast can also build trust and rapport within your community

Resources Mentioned

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

UpWork (Find top quality freelancers!)

Zencastr (Find professional help with your podcast!)

Team Podcast (For all your podcast production and editing needs! Enter “Help” for 20% off, or just mention that Melvin sent you!)

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