Session 171: Three Non-Traditional Marketing Methods For Introverts To Market Their Practice Effectively with Patricia Young

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How do you succeed in marketing your practice when you tend toward introversion? So many clinicians are not extroverts, and don’t feel comfortable with the traditional networking that is required in marketing. There are challenges to face, and fortunately, there are non-traditional forms of marketing that can be done. This show will give you some valuable information and practical insights about marketing for non-extroverts.

Patricia Young, LCSW, is based in California, but also offers teletherapy sessions for her clients. Her practice focuses on helping HSP’s (highly sensitive people) experience more ease and peace and thrive with less overwhelm and fatigue. In today’s show, Patricia discusses marketing and the fears around it, along with how we can honor who we really are and still present our business in authentic ways. She shares with us three non-traditional marketing methods that have worked well for her that might be just what you’re looking for!

What We’ll Learn

  • How can an introvert market effectively?
  • Patricia’s personal experience with intimidating marketing practices
  • How our culture is geared toward extroverts and the common language around introverted personalities is basically negative
  • The language used to describe introverts doesn’t appreciate their depth of processing and their ability to connect and form deep relationships
  • The fine lines between labels and how we don’t need to get stuck in those
  • Why some people prefer to connect one-on-one in smaller, intimate venues
  • How comparing ourselves to others leaves us feeling “less than”
  • The key is not getting overstimulated and making time to recharge
  • Introverts are seen as distant, stand-offish, and disconnected—when they really just take more time to engage
  • Marketing authentically requires radical self-compassion and acceptance, honoring our rhythms, instead of judging ourselves and beating ourselves up for what we aren’t
  • How to handle a to-do list as a success list
  • Why there is no function or benefit to beating yourself up
  • Know YOUR rhythms of expanding and contracting
  • How to know when you’re ready to expand in marketing
  • Signs that you’re in contract mode (feeling tired, burned out, and listless)
  • How to turn FOMO into JOMO and find joy in replenishing yourself!
  • Practical tips for non-traditional marketing:
    • Do meet-ups over activities like walking, kayaking, or yoga
    • Use Facebook and other social media platforms to find groups that are of interest to you
    • Consider using videos, podcasts, or Facebook Live (Patricia recommends using an app like Marco Polo for an internal reality check)


Patricia Young LCSW

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