Session 174: Respecting Your Life Seasons as a Business Owner And Doing Things With Pace, Structure, And Flexibility

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As business owners, we want freedom and flexibility, but as we evolve, we encounter the difficulties of life. Sometimes we find ourselves out of balance with what’s really important and we are obligated and overextended in ways we didn’t envision. Today’s show is all about respecting the life seasons in which we find ourselves and giving ourselves permission to say YES or NO to the demands on our time.

Naphtali Roberts, LMFT, is based in Montrose, CA. She is a busy private practice therapist, wife, and mother. She shares how her life and her business have looked when she has respected–and NOT respected–the seasons of life. Additionally, she helps us take an honest look at pace, structure, and scheduling to help us realize that those tools do not equal lazy and unintentional.

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What We’ll Learn

  • What it looks like to respect your life season as a business owner: doing things on purpose, with pace, structure, and flexibility
  • How to reframe the mindset that pacing may slow you down
  • How to use pacing as an opportunity to create more impact in other areas of life
  • The benefit to slowing down and “going lighter”
  • The problems that occur when you don’t pace yourself: You will feel busy, scattered, ineffective, overwhelmed, and like you are “just getting by”
  • “Busy is not the same as being productive.”
  • Using a “to schedule” list instead of a “to-do” list
  • Know the things that MUST be done at certain times and the things that can be flexible and moved if necessary (Naphtali shares her color-coded routine)
  • Learning to give yourself grace
  • Don’t get stuck in the common business owner mindset that “This is just the way it has to be”
  • The realization that there is more to life than building a business
  • Owning your NO’s and feeling empowered
  • The stigma associated with limiting your hours or cutting your client load
  • Shonda Rhimes’ advice about prioritizing relational choices and saying YES or NO


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Also, be sure to grab an awesome download Naphtali put together to help us gain control of our time, practice good self care, and maximize productivity as a business owner!

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Shonda Rhimes TED 2016: “Say YES to What Scares You, Even if it’s Saying NO to Work”

The ONE Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

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