Session 178: An Open and Honest Look at The Life Events of The Past Year and The Lessons Learned


Welcome to the first episode of 2019! This show is a little different, as I’m being interviewed by Patricia Young, whom you may remember as a previous STC guest. She’s been here before, discussing highly sensitive people and how she built her niche as an LCSW.

Today’s show is an open and honest look at the life events of the past year and the lessons learned by yours truly. You may remember that we welcomed our first child into our family in 2018, and with her early arrival, there have been big changes in my life. Life doesn’t stop as we are busy building a business and a career, so how do we balance it all and keep things going simultaneously? I hope our authentic conversation is a source of encouragement for the changes and challenges that you may face in the coming year.

What We’ll Learn

  • Outsourcing business responsibilities as we prepared for the baby’s arrival in September—but she came several weeks early in July!
  • How I wrote down every day-to-day task for the business to establish a framework within which to ask two important questions: Am I the best person to do this task? Could I delegate this task and use the time better elsewhere?
  • Why structure, organization, and efficiency become more necessary than ever with a new baby’s arrival
  • Handling the initial changes with the baby’s early birth and NICU stay: how I panicked at first, but then got my team organized and had my VA handle as much as possible
  • Why growing in your business brings more pressure and stress
  • Why a new baby brings so many demands that are beyond our control
  • “The #1 lesson I learned is to be kind to myself, focus on self-care, and prioritize sleep, nutrition, and exercise.”
  • Why the small steps of discipline bring great results over time
  • What I would do differently: “I would be more kind to myself about sleep, knowing it’s OK to sleep later to get the rest I need to function.”
  • Balancing self-care and business demands, focusing on slowing down, getting sleep, and being present with the baby
  • My pre-baby morning routine of rising at 4:40 am, exercising, watching a TEDtalk, deep breathing, and starting work by 6:00 am
  • How I broke tasks into 25 minute chunks with 5 minute breaks and time for evaluation and reflection
  • “There is something very gratifying to know it’s [8:00] in the morning and I’ve already put a big dent in the most important task of the day.”
  • The intersection of business and baby
  • How you can plan all you want, but babies bring unanticipated changes and demands
  • The key: “Learning to be gracious with myself when I don’t accomplish all that I wanted to and holding loosely to positions and time.”
  • Feeling a new kind of joy and love with the arrival of a new baby
  • How seeing her curiosity about the world teaches me how to slow down and be more intentional

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