Session 179: “Wounded Healer” in Private Practice and How They Create a Successful Practice While Owning Their Pain


Wounded healer—it’s a term used frequently in our field, and one that resonates deeply with so many therapists. Time and time again, we hear of those drawn to the therapy field because of a desire to help others, which comes as an outgrowth of dealing with our personal pain. Today’s show is about the “wounded healer” in private practice and how we create a successful practice while owning our pain.

Tacha Kasper, MFT Associate, has battled chronic pain and illness for over 12 years. Add to that the fact that she’s a breast cancer survivor, and you’ll see that she has a wealth of knowledge about our topic. Formerly in the corporate world, Tacha transitioned to counseling because of her health concerns and the overriding desire to use her experiences to help others heal from their pain. Join us to hear more from Tacha!

What We’ll Learn

  • The personal elements of the niches we choose as mental health practitioners
  • How 73% of all therapists have experienced one or more wounding traumas
  • “The wounded healer”–how the term was coined by Carl Jung, and comes from Greek mythology, teaching that solace comes from healing others and turning wounds into wisdom
  • How chronic illness and a cancer diagnosis brought Tacha into the therapy field
  • Why we don’t have to have it “all figured out” in order to serve others
  • How you can be broken, wounded, and whole—all at the same time
  • Why some of the best healers find ways to serve others despite what they’ve been through
  • How the wounded healer aligns with post-traumatic growth
  • Tacha’s story of becoming a therapist and hearing her cancer diagnosis
  • Three common ways the wounded healer shows up in the world of private practice:
    • Overcompensating
    • Feelings of low self-worth
    • Not holding our boundaries
  • Why you’re not meant to serve everyone
  • How Tacha corrected her money mindset, with help from Denise Duffield Thomas, The Lucky B****
  • Tips in setting fees objectively and valuing your work and worth
  • How Tacha learned to state her fees without apology and let clients take it from there–and saw her business grow
  • How to own your time
  • The benefit of changing your mindset
  • Tacha’s meaningful work with the Kids Konnected organization, helping kids who have lost a parent to cancer or have a parent battling cancer

Resources Mentioned

Healing Point Counseling  Find out more about Tacha’s work!

Kids Konnected  Find out more about this organization!

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