Session 18: Using Video To Market Your Practice – Larry Becker


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Welcome to the show!  My guest today is Larry Becker, who has spent over 25 years simplifying and helping people understand technology.  He has done this through books, magazine articles, videos, and live trainings.  Millions of viewers have seen him and his work.  He is largely known as a trainer and gear reviewer for B&H Photo, which is the largest camera store in the world.  Larry has also done work for Canon USA.  His primary focus today is creating web-based video marketing in all forms.  In 2015, Larry kicked off an audio podcast on DIY video productions to help small business owners and entrepreneurs create better videos.  His podcast is called “Video Marketing Guy.”

 “Talk to your audience like you’re talking to a friend.”  Larry stresses the importance of the connection between video and viewer.

  • If people have seen your video, then you seem more real, more human, and more approachable.
  • If people have seen your video, then they tend to trust you and your product reviews.
  • If you can’t walk across the room and shake someone’s hand, then connecting with them via video is the next best thing.
  • Static text and graphics on a website will not communicate on the same level as a video.

Larry discusses the Top Three Mistakes that First-time DIY Video Creators Make:

  1. Poor Audio—Good sound is essential. The built-in camera microphone is not good quality, so Larry recommends investing in a lapel mic that sounds better and is inexpensive.
  2. Not Making Eye Contact—People seem to not want to look at the camera, but eye contact is essential. It gives sincerity and honesty to your video.
  3. Weak Editing—Edit lengthy conversations, give simple instructions, and be brief. The exception to this is when certain topics need more details to accurately convey the message.

Larry lists the Ingredients of the BEST DIY Videos:

  1. Good Sound
  2. Good Camera Position
  3. Simplified Background
  4. Sufficient Lighting

Our conversation also includes Larry’s recommendations for getting started in video marketing.  Listen to hear about his favorite camera and equipment.  Larry also shares some of his own favorite websites for examples of DIY videos.

“The public is looking for video!”  Video makes you more engaged with your audience and potential clients.  The application for those in private practice is that video on your website will make people feel as if they already know you—before they ever visit your office!

Links and Resources:

Larry's Website:  

Larry's Recommended Camera: Canon 70D 

My Favorite Video Recording Mic: Rode smartLav+ Microphone:


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