Session 183: What is Brainspotting And How To Use It? with Beth Medina, LMHC



What have you heard about brainspotting? Is it something you’ve been curious about or maybe considered for additional training? We’re on a mission today to learn more about this technique and how we can use it.

Beth Medina, LMHC, also does coaching in her practice in Florida. She shares with us today what brainspotting is and how she got to the point where she knew this technique aligns with what she wants to do. Beth talks about the relationship between EMDR and brainspotting, how she’s created a business centered around brainspotting, and the specific niches she’s chosen. We’ll also learn from Beth why brainspotting is an effective tool for clinicians.

What We’ll Learn

  • The relationship between EMDR and brainspotting, and why they aren’t the same
  • How modified EMDR became brainspotting, first used by therapist David Brand, when he worked with a figure skater back in 2003
  • Why brainspotting is a body and brain-based therapy that helps a therapist attune to the client in a different way
  • EMDR certification is NOT required to do brainspotting
  • How Beth realized that brainspotting aligned perfectly with who she is as a person and as a clinician
  • In 2001, Beth trained in EMDR, which was the “go-to therapy” of the day (and very protocol driven), but she felt that something was missing
  • How Beth looked for something that honored the innate ability to heal that every person has within them
  • Beth looked for something more relational and found brainspotting, which is based on the “dual attunement frame”
  • The analogy of a doctor setting a broken bone and the brainspotting technique
  • How even one brainspotting session can make a huge difference
  • How brainspotting sets the conditions for the healing that the body already knows to do
  • Why Beth is clear about who she serves and how she narrowed down to specifics
  • The need for proper boundaries in service-based industries
  • The desire to be of service that can get out of control
  • Why brainspotting is so effective for clincians
  • Why we need to listen to our intuitive voice

Resources Mentioned


Find out more about Beth and her work:   Beth Medina

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