Session 184: Sharing the Knowledge of Business Building and Marketing Strategies in Private Practice with Katie Leikam, LCSW



It’s a challenge to open up and be vulnerable about what you’ve learned along your journey. Often, it’s that authenticity that is most effective in helping others learn from what YOU have learned. Today’s guest is an example of openness and vulnerability.

Katie Leikam, LCSW, has a private practice in Decatur, GA. She is sharing with transparency about how she went from zero clients after the first four months to a thriving $100,000 practice. There is wisdom to be found in Katie’s experience, in the difficulties of building a business and the struggle to get the results you want. Katie opens up today about why and how she opened her private practice–even to zero clients, what she learned, and how she maintained a positive mindset. She also talks about the unique marketing strategies she has used to build relationships along the path to building her practice.

What We’ll Learn

  • How a spur of the moment decision brought her into private practice
  • How she researches and looks at data in making decisions, weighing the pros and cons
  • Why you should consider the energy component, and not just the financial considerations of your practice
  • Why Katie did bedside therapy in nursing homes while she waited to build her private practice clientele
  • How Katie didn’t find it intensely challenging to keep a positive mindset, but did need a “reset” at times
  • Why Katie chose a niche within the LGBTQ community, specializing in working with men with high anxiety and relationship stress, and why she also is a gender therapist
  • 75% of Katie’s clients are transgender or transitioning
  • How Katie geared her website to this niche from the beginning
  • How she got the word out to make herself known in this niche
  • Marketing strategies that have worked well for Katie: the combination of mailing letters and in-person marketing and joining a networking group in her city
  • Why she spent too much on stamps and how she would handle that differently
  • The benefit of human connection in face-to-face meetings
  • Reasons for the success of Katie’s practice and how she never gave up on her vision
  • Advice from Katie to the “younger” Katie: “I would start my research earlier and learn more about the business side of a private practice.”

Resources Mentioned

Katie Leikam

True You Southeast  Find out more about Katie’s practice, resources, and her CEU classes for therapists

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