Session 190: 19 Colleagues Share “The #1 Way I Get Referrals For My Practice.”



This episode features . . . .you! Nineteen of our listeners took the time to record their tips for getting referrals, which just happens to be the most-asked question for clinicians. This episode is bittersweet for me because it’s the last one of this season. I’m taking some time off to focus on being a husband and daddy and to take some much-needed time for self-care. But before I say goodbye for now, let’s listen to these great ideas for getting those coveted referrals!

What We’ll Learn

  • Amy from MA uses everyday language—and not technical terms–to describe her work on her website and on the phone. Her website is Amy Tesz.
  • Carmen from CA highlights her work with Spanish speakers in trauma therapy and uses Facebook Live. Find Carmen at Emotions In Harmony.
  • Cecilia from Washington, DC reaches out to immigration attorneys and shares information with them about how trauma and mental illness can affect their clients. She also takes intentional steps to cultivate relationships with her clients. Her website is Immigration Evaltraining.
  • Christy actually knocked on doors of other therapists in her area to introduce herself, and she believes her ability to connect in the community adds to her referrals.
  • Elizabeth from MD focuses on building strong relationships with other therapists and healers in her community. Find Elizabeth at Progression Counseling.
  • Jeff from NJ relies on the local Moms group on Facebook, which does his word-of-mouth advertising for him! Jeff’s website is Change Is Possible.
  • Jill in NJ gets referrals through divorce attorneys and other therapists in her area because she’s reached out to them to create credibility. Jill’s website is Princeton Counseling And Parenting Center.
  • Jim in MN keeps his message personable, professional, and simple–and he says it’s important to be human. Find Jim at The Jonas Center.
  • Judy in TN uses five-minute Facebook Live videos on the same day and time each week. Her website is Judy Counselor, and her book is Beyond Messy Relationships.
  • Julie in Ontario, Canada says that most of her referrals come by word-of-mouth. Find Julie at Julie Clark Therapy.
  • Katie in CA tries to be the most supportive clinician to anyone who needs support in the community. Find Katie at Slow Beginnings.
  • Lauren in CA has colleagues who know the specific clients she serves, and they send referrals her way. Find Lauren’s practice and podcast at This Is Not What I Ordered.
  • Linda in FL participates in several peer consultation groups, and each one supports her differently—-and sends referrals. Find Linda at Relationship And Divorce Counseling.
  • Nazanin in CA gets referrals through her weekly podcast and monthly blog posts. Her website is Oasis 2 Care.
  • Rachel in CA does what she enjoys and serves those with whom she enjoys working. Her website is Rachel Moore Counseling.
  • Renee in CA tries to give clients the sense of what it would be like to work with her by usual unique visual imagery on her website, Renee Beckmft.
  • Shane in NH has a clear focus and purpose on his website to show his passion for helping couples in their relationship. Find Shane at Couples Therapist Couch.
  • Sovann in OR uses networking and posts mental health and relationship advice on social media. Find Sovann at Anew Day Counseling.
  • Thad from CO gets many referrals from the Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute, an organization with which he has established a relationship. Find Thad at Thadfrye Counseling.

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