Session 192: How To Bring Mindfulness Into The Entrepreneurial Journey

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Being a private practice owner and running your own business can be a daunting process with many things to learn. We are diving into the nuances of entrepreneurship today with someone willing to take the risk of failure and learn the lessons there.

Lee-Chaix McDonough, LCSW, is here to discuss the mindset required to be a private practice owner and business owner. Lee’s book, Act on Your Business, is Amazon’s #1 new release in business entrepreneurship. In this episode, she explains the fear of failure and the fear of success, because success brings with it the fear of not being able to sustain it. Lee discusses the integration of our skillset and mindset and how to bring mindfulness into the entrepreneurial journey, through her “3 M’s of Entrepreneurship.”

What We’ll Learn

  • How taking the leap and thinking outside the box opens new opportunities
  • How we learn more from those things that don’t go well, so give yourself permission to fail big!
  • Lee’s experience as a recovering perfectionist and how she embraces the journey
  • How Lee identified and addressed the fear mindset and decided to make changes
  • How she used her core values of service, connection, joy, and love to rebrand and recenter
  • How she found happiness and satisfaction through living her core values
  • Learning to embrace success in the moment instead of a “future focus”
  • Learning to trust the process as you show up and do the work
  • How Lee explores how to serve through her business and be comfortable with the ebb and flow
  • How we should “learn to dance in the rain,” build our resilience and learn to cultivate it
  • Lee’s website refers to skillset and mindset, which she defines as follows:
    • Skillset–the “what” and “how” of what a clinician does
    • Mindset–the “who” of who we are and how we relate to our thoughts and emotions
  • How fears and limiting beliefs can impact our decisions
  • The 3 M’s of Entrepreneurship:
    • Meaning–Your values and committed action
    • Mindset–Changing the way we relate to thoughts and emotions
    • Mindfulness–Responding to things in the present moment from a place of full awareness and non-judgment
  • How mindfulness allows you to be in the beauty of the present moment and take a values-driven action

Resources Mentioned

Find more about Lee’s work:  Caravel Coaching

Find Lee’s book:  Act on Your Business or at Amazon

Connect with Lee on Instagram: @lcmcdonough

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