Session 199: When a Team Member Passes Away: Melvin Varghese, Ph.D.



I never thought I’d have to do an episode like this one, but unfortunate events have brought me face-to-face with reality. One of my team members, Karen, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer earlier this year. Although she was undergoing chemo and radiation, she passed away a few weeks ago. Karen was an important part of the STC team who helped me a lot, especially in handling Facebook ads. The challenge for me has been balancing the grieving process while trying to carry on and pick up the pieces of Karen’s work. In this solo episode, we’re looking at things I’ve had to consider in new ways that might spur you to think about planning ahead in very practical ways.

What We’ll Learn

          • Three specific things I’m doing now that I haven’t thought about before:
            • Asking members of my team about a contact person (or two) in case of emergency
              • Creating a simple form with names, emails, and phone numbers
              • Getting details for canceling recurring payments in case of emergency
              • Reviewing and updating emergency contacts
            • Thinking in detail about how to handle and cancel recurring payments
            • Considering the systems that need to be in place in case I’m injured and unable to work:
              • Creating a master list of software, services, banking info, and secure password storage
              • Letting loved ones know who my contact people are
              • Reaching out to a small business attorney about legal documents that need to be in place to protect my business
            • Why this is an area for learning about what I don’t know
            • If we stay in business long enough, we will all be faced with these dilemmas, so plan ahead!

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