Session 218: 3 Practice Building Insights After 100 Conversations With Successful Practitioners



When you’ve talked with as many people as I have, you tend to learn a lot of lessons and gain great insights into what it takes to build a successful private practice. Today’s show is a solo episode inspired by a presentation I did recently. We are focusing on three lessons I’ve learned, along with key takeaways and the biggest mistake for each lesson.

What We’ll Learn

  • Lesson #1–“The riches are in the niches” —-Pat Flynn
    • Some clinicians niche based on a population, a presenting concern, a training, or a hybrid of the others (this double-niche model works well)
    • The best way to figure out a niche in your area is to study others who serve your area, like an online directory
      • What are the unique struggles in this area?
      • How do I stand out from others?
    • Find a niche that aligns with a community need
    • If you’re a private pay practice, find a niche where others will pay for your services
    • The #1 mistake is trying to serve everyone—-you end up serving no one
  • Lesson #2–All practices have their ups and downs
    • The up and down is the nature of a service-based business
    • Focus on a couple of good referral sources and serve them well
    • Be intentional with your marketing and tracking your clients
    • Set up a rainy day fund to cover 3-4 months of expenses
    • Use the downtime for self-care, marketing, or scaling your business
    • The #1 mistake is not planning ahead for a rainy day
  • Lesson #3–Connection is the key to marketing
    • Make a list of helpers and healers who align with your niche
    • Make a memorable introduction
    • Build narrow and deep relationships with a few vs. broad and shallow relationships with many
    • The #1 mistake is trying to build a private practice in isolation


These two resources are valuable in making connections:


Speak Pipe

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