Session 221: The Power Of Sub-niching Within A Niche And Lessons Learned From It with Curt Widhalm


Welcome to the first episode of 2020! It’s been nice to have some extra time for rest and family time around the holidays, but now I’m ready to get going again with wonderful guests and helpful episodes as we step into a new year.

Curt Widhalm, LMFT, is a friend based in Los Angeles. He works with high-achieving teens in his practice. I wanted Curt to share how he chose this niche and what he’s learned along the way. It’s also cool that Curt is a marathon runner who ran competitively in high school and now works as a trainer with US Track & Field. In this conversation with Curt, we talk about the power of sub-niching within a niche, lessons learned by Curt along the way, and how he discusses his $225/hr fees with parents.

What We’ll Learn

  • How Curt’s personality and passion come through in his website and his podcast
  • Why Curt focuses on working with teens
  • How Curt begins intake sessions with teens and their parents in the room
  • How Curt’s client breakdown varies according to the trends going on in the LA area schools
  • How Curt’s sports training helps his therapy work with clients
  • Why the need for rest reigns supreme as the #1 problem that needs to be tackled
  • How Curt determined that high-achieving teens would be a viable niche for him
  • Why Curt encourages parents to focus on the effort more than results
  • How Curt gets referrals from local schools, social media, and his website
  • How Curt views the therapeutic alliance
  • In discussing the $225/hr fees, Curt tries to alleviate parents’ fears and demonstrate his authentic value

Resources Mentioned

Find Curt’s podcast at MTSG Podcast

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