Session 222: Transition From Clinical Work To Online Courses And Challenges Of Course Creation with Miranda Palmer

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Many clinicians think about creating online courses, and some may even feel pressured to take this step. Online courses are sometimes portrayed as the “golden egg” for clinicians and the pinnacle of achievement. While this is certainly a product with much potential, the key is in balancing online courses with the other aspects of your practice while making sure you are motivated by the right reasons. Learn more in today’s show!

Miranda Palmer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from She’s a good friend who is very knowledgeable about the transition from clinical work to online courses. Miranda has helped develop three online courses, so we are having an honest conversation about the good, the bad, and the ugly of online courses. It’s easy to get sucked into feeling obligated to create online courses, but there are unique challenges to be faced. We’ll also get Miranda’s perspective on the hazards and roadblocks inherent in this transition.

What We’ll Learn

  • The “why” of creating an online course
  • How you can use online courses to serve those people whom you can’t reach with your practice
  • Why securing another stream of income is not the best motivation for an online course
  • Why an online course can’t be a “create it and forget it” endeavor
  • The importance of getting started rather than making it perfect
  • The tension in wanting to overdeliver vs. the need for small chunks of content
  • Why specific action steps are important
  • Top mistakes clinicians make in creating online courses:
    • Not breaking content into small steps
    • Not really knowing your audience
    • Not having a plan for onboarding people and selling the course
  • “If people don’t sign up for your free content, then they aren’t going to pay for your online course.”
  • Three ways to validate the creation of an online course:
    • You have a clear community coming to you about a particular issue
    • You have a solid, stable income with on-track marketing
    • You have enough time to do an online course on the side without burning yourself out
  • Why an online course cannot be the stop-gap measure to save your financially-struggling business
  • Information about the new community created by Miranda and Kelly at Zynnyme

Resources Mentioned

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Find out more about Miranda and Zynnyme: ZynnyMe

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