Session 227: Multiple Income Streams And What is The Best Way to Put Them in Place?

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Today’s show covers an interesting topic that has come up in the STC community. We discuss multiple income streams frequently, but what is the best way to put those in place? Do I need to build my therapy practice before I launch a second income stream? Let’s answer these questions and more with today’s guest.

Annie Schuessler lives in the San Francisco Bay area. She’s been in private practice for 20 years, and she’s mentored other therapists for 10 years. She has insights learned along the way in her journey, and she’s here to share those secrets with us. We’ll discuss why it’s important to have additional income streams as a clinician, and Annie shares the three minimum steps to take before launching into other income streams. Join us for more from Annie!

What We’ll Learn

  • Why a clinician in private practice should have additional income streams
  • Benefits to multiple income streams
  • Annie’s thoughts and realizations about building your therapy practice first
  • How the personality of the therapist can factor into the decision about when to branch out
  • Determining what you want your business and schedule to look like
  • Three minimums to have in place before launching additional income streams:
    • Have income to get through the building phase
    • Have a mindset of experimentation, creativity, and grit
    • Have a specific amount of time–at least two hours– carved out each week for your new endeavor
  • The importance of a supportive community who are invested in you and your business
  • Books to help with mindset: Atomic Habits by James Clear and Big Magic by
  • The starting point is deeply focusing on your niche

Resources Mentioned

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