Session 229: 5 Tips To Authentically Get On Podcasts: Melvin Varghese, PhD


As STC has grown, I’ve been wanting to address this topic of getting on other podcasts as a guest. In a typical week, I receive several requests from people wanting to be a guest on STC.  There are several reasons why I cannot accept every one of those requests, and there are things to consider in remaining authentic while seeking podcast appearances. In this solo episode, we discuss some tips to follow if you want to increase your exposure by appearing on podcasts.

What We’ll Learn


      • Why should you consider being on a podcast as a guest?
      • Podcasting is a growing medium that isn’t going anywhere.
      • Podcasts are popular because you can listen at your convenience.
        • 70% of Americans have heard of podcasts, and 32% regularly listen to podcasts at least once a month.
      • Podcasting can help you figure out who you are meant to serve—and do it well.
      • Podcasting is a great way to promote products and services.
      • Podcasting is a great way to explore whether or not you want to start your own podcast.
    • Five tips to authentically get on podcasts:

Resources Mentioned

Access my free resource:  Podcast Guest Checklist

Mentioned in the episode to help you contact podcast hosts:  Loom

Check out our show sponsor:  Therapy Notes

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