Session 231: Creation, Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Retreat Model in Private Practice


Today’s show is about a topic I’ve wanted to cover for a while. It’s about something many of us might have wanted to do in our practices. We are talking about retreats and mini-retreats, and I have the perfect person to fill us in on the details.

Mikella Millen is an art therapist in NYC. She has taken a great idea and made it reality by creating retreats focused on self-care for clinicians. She’s sharing with us how she developed this idea and validated the fact that people would want to sign up. We’ll talk about what went well and what didn’t go well, along with Mikella’s lessons learned along the way.

What We’ll Learn

      • How Mikella decided to hold retreats for trauma workers
      • How Mikella’s “deeper why” carried her through in the development phase
      • How Mikella overcame the fear of not being successful in developing retreats for long-term sustainability
      • How Mikella wanted to create a community where therapists support each other
      • How Mikella figured out the structural details of her retreats, like how many days, daily start times, time schedules, and topics covered
      • Why it’s healthy to acknowledge the weight of trauma work for therapists
      • How Mikella determined the venues to use
      • Issues to work through in retreat planning from a marketing perspective
      • What has gone well? “People came to that first retreat, which was unlike any other training format.”
      • What has bombed? “I did retreats too close together, which divided participants and didn’t fill up the retreats.”
      • Mikella’s biggest takeaway? “I believed in the endeavor on a personal level; I was invested in the process and wasn’t anxious or worried about it.”

Resources Mentioned

Find Mikella:  Mikella Millen

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