Session 247: Moving From Multiple Systems For Content Management To All-in-one Platform with Melvin Varghese and Nicole Denison


July is an exciting month because STC will hit one million downloads! It’s something I could never have imagined during these first few years. As STC has grown, we’ve added new team members and made significant changes. One of the biggest changes to date is happening now, and we’re taking a closer look in today’s show.

Nicole Denison has been my virtual assistant for the past three years. You may remember that she joined us in Episode 232 to talk about the benefits of having a VA. Nicole is back to discuss the changes taking place as we move all of our STC content into an all-in-one platform. Maybe a move like this is something you’ve considered because it’s tough to manage different content on several pieces of software at once. We began this journey about two months ago, so Nicole and I will share why we are making this transition, why we are excited about this new step for STC, and how this move fits into our dreams for the future. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at STC!

What We’ll Learn

  • Five reasons for choosing an all-in-one platform:
    • One central site eliminates many scattered, moving parts that quickly become clunky and outdated.
    • It’s difficult to keep up with the many updates necessary for multiple pieces of software.
    • As your email list grows (ours is now 6,000-7,000) you need a strong way to deliver content with advanced automation and functionality.
    • An all-in-one platform will save you money compared to paying several monthly software subscriptions.
    • There were deficits in our customer service capabilities with our old system, so we can have a more organized “help desk” system to help our customers.
  • Important takeaways we’ve learned from the transition:
    • If something feels like it’s consistently not working, it needs attention.
    • Stop, take a look, and get real about what’s not working and what else needs to be addressed.
    • Be prepared to let go of the loyalty you feel to the “old” system.
  • How we settled on Kartra as our new all-in-one platform
  • How Nicole dealt with the original intimidation of the big change to a completely new system
  • How having everything in one place allows more control and involvement in content delivery and organizing tasks
  • The small complications and limitations that were challenging in the transition–and the big payoff
  • Why Nicole and Melvin recommend starting out in one platform for your online business because you’ll save time, headaches, and money
  • How Kartra compares to the old system of paying for monthly subscriptions and updates for multiple platforms

Resources Mentioned

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