Session 248: Expert Insights on How to Generate Income Through Podcasting with Christy Haussler


As rewarding as it is to start your own podcast and share your knowledge and expertise with the world, there is one thing that makes it even better–and that’s monetizing your podcast. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to make money from your podcast? You might think it’s the impossible dream, but today’s show brings practical information and simple tips for monetization that can expand your reach, extend the life of your podcast, and free up more of your time for quality content creation.

Christy Haussler is the founder of Team Podcast, a full-service podcast editing and production company. She’s been my podcast editor since 2015, when I realized I needed help with podcast editing. Christy and her team work behind the scenes to produce, edit, and upload podcasts, and they are the main reason the STC podcast goes out each week. Christy began her podcast editing service around the same time as STC, and her team currently edits about 60 different podcasts and about 300 episodes each month. Christy has a unique and interesting perspective on what people are doing to create income through podcasting, and she’s here to share those insights with us.

What We’ll Learn

  • How our personal “money blocks” factor into our business growth decisions
  • The phenomenon of “pod-fading” and why so many podcasts fail
  • Christy’s #1 tip for monetizing your podcast: Plan and engineer your podcast from the beginning for monetization
  • Why your goal in monetizing should be to drive people to your Facebook group, build solid relationships, and then create products and programs to serve them
  • How to use the Facebook group’s three questions with a plug-in (like Group Leads) to capture their info and integrate it into your email list
  • How to use a “value ladder” to attract and keep your ideal clients
  • Practical ways to drive traffic toward paid content:
    • Make your calls to action on your podcast purposeful and consistent
    • Establish an autoresponder sequence
    • Mine from your show archives to repackage and repurpose your content into a course, add-on, webinar, etc.
  • How your podcast can make money within the first 90 days on autopilot with evergreen sales funnels and upsells (Christy can show you how!)
  • Want to know more about podcast monetization? Check out Christy’s podcast and Facebook group, Podcast Monetization Secrets

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Christy and Team Podcast through the affiliate link:  Selling The Couch Podcast Editing

Find out more about using a value ladder: Selling The Couch

Find out more about our show sponsor, Brighter Vision.  Brighter Vision

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