Session 253: Getting Ready For Unexpected Situations And Dealing With Them in Private Practice with Laura Vaillancourt, LMHC, GMHS

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Today’s show is an interesting conversation about how unexpected things can happen, even in the world of private practice. You just never know what the future may hold!

Laura Vaillancourt previously appeared on STC to discuss her group private practice that focused on the elderly and their caregivers. Since that time, she was approached by a corporate company about selling her practice. It’s something she never imagined, but the offer came at the perfect time for Laura. She’s here today to tell us what happened in this unusual process and what she learned through it all.

What We’ll Learn

  • How Laura was approached about selling her business when things were really going well at her practice
  • How the timing of the offer lined up perfectly for Laura with her own restlessness and the death of a key employee
  • How Laura’s practice got attention through her website and how the work was presented
  • How the structures and systems of your private practice tell the story and show your heart
  • Laura’s initial feelings when approached about selling her business
  • Laura’s amazement at how quickly she was willing to give away control of her business
  • How Laura learned new things about herself as a person, therapist, and business owner
  • How the decision presented a dilemma in Laura’s soul because of her values
  • How Laura learned that the company’s vision and her vision were not in alignment
  • After accepting the offer at first, it became clear to Laura that this was not the solution for her. “Our bodies talk to us. If we don’t listen, they just get louder.”
  • The long road of healing and rebuilding for Laura when she parted ways with the company after one year together
  • The importance of community in how they rallied around Laura
  • How Laura entered the rebuilding process with intention about what she wanted to do
  • What the “No Solicitation” clause in Laura’s contract meant regarding clients and employees
  • What Laura has learned, and what she would do differently today
  • How Laura recovered and rediscovered herself through deep soul-searching

Resources Mentioned

Eldercare Counselor

Find Laura’s Facebook group for caregivers of those with dementia: Get in the Lifeboat

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