Session 257: The Concept of Coworking Spaces And If They Meet The Needs of Clinicians with Connor McClenahan, PsyD

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How can the concept of coworking spaces apply to the world of therapy? Can a coworking space sufficiently meet the needs of clinicians? We’re exploring this topic in today’s show. Join us to learn more.

Connor McClenahan is a licensed psychologist in Los Angeles. He had a realization that some of the most successful clinicians were leaving group practices, so he wanted to do things a bit differently. He decided to create a coworking space for therapists where they share the costs by paying a flat fee. Connor shares how he devised this system, how it’s working, and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

What We’ll Learn

    • Why the coworking model works to overcome the common struggle of isolation for clinicians in private practice
    • The challenge of fostering independence while maintaining connection and community
    • The load on a therapist that can contribute to burnout
    • The ”backward” phenomenon: the more that good therapists make in a group practice, the more they are incentivized to leave
    • How Connor’s coworking model is based on a flat fee based on usage instead of a percentage, as most private practices are structured
    • The importance of sharing and collaborating to leverage the assets of those around us for empowerment
    • How Connor figured out what elements needed to be included for a beneficial coworking space
    • How the coworking concept and Connor’s plans for expansion have been affected by the pandemic
    • Why marketing should come from a place of service
    • What’s next for Connor’s practice as we come out of the pandemic
    • The beauty of collaboration and sharing resources in co-practicing

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Connor’s practice: Here Counseling

Mentioned in the show: Letters to a Young Therapist by Mary Pipher

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