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Welcome!  I have an exciting show for you today with my guest, Keri Nola.  Keri has the distinction of being the first two-time guest on the podcast.  She was featured on Session 4 and is back to talk about how private practitioners can create retreats, workshops, and groups as a way to expand your practice.  Join us for more!

Keri discusses the following topics for private practitioners to consider:

  • The idea for Keri’s retreats grew out of client feedback when clients wanted a chance to grow deeper in longer concentrated sessions.
  • With any such endeavor, the key is to start small and let it grow, expand, and evolve organically.  Keri started with small groups, then a 3-hour workshop, then a day-long retreat, then a weekend retreat, and now hosts a 5-day retreat twice yearly.
  • The content/theme of the retreat should grow out of similarities and collective issues of clients.
  • One benefit of these retreats is the chance to heal in community.  Keri says, “We experience our wounds in relationships, and I think it’s important that we heal in relationships also.”
  • Keri’s participants are her clients but also friends they may know; some participants may come from colleagues’ referrals also.  Keri recommends an intake consultation to assure that each client is a good fit for the retreat content.
  • As far as a price point for these gatherings, Keri asks herself, “What can I charge to exchange my energy and invest my time?”  Consider other costs, number of participants, what you want in profit, etc.
  • There is no set “perfect” length of time.  Sometimes shorter times are better, depending on the content addressed.  Keri’s advice is to start small and let it grow.
  • Keri finds locations for retreats through word-of-mouth advertising, by contacting retreat centers, and potential venues via Airbnb.
  • The practical steps in beginning a retreat are: determine your intention, consider themes among clients, and then structure the retreat as far as how it will work.

Keri has an exciting Healers’ Retreat planned for October 23-25, 2015.  It will be held at a luxury resort on the water in San Diego and will focus on what healers need to be more effective in helping others.  Find out more in our Links section below.  Keri has a wealth of information for any clinician interested in these group-focused sessions.  Listen in for more from Keri!

Links and Resources:

Sign up for the Healer's Retreat here!   (Keri’s website)



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