Session 37: The Expert Guide to Private Practice Blogging

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Welcome!  My guest today is Sharon Martin, who is a licensed clinical social worker in San Jose, CA.  Sharon has some great tips about blogging, and I’ve noticed that her blog posts get a lot of interaction across social media.  Let’s hear more from Sharon!

Sharon says her motivation for blogging came from knowing that she had something to say.  She naturally ended up writing about what she found herself saying to clients over and over again.  A blog makes it easy to write something that many people can see, thanks to modern technology.  A blog also builds your credibility as a clinician and helps establish you as an authority.

Sharon shares the following about her blogging experience:

  • She writes about themes covered with clients and sometimes has groups of posts on the same topic.
  • She constantly jots down ideas for new blog posts and aims to post a new one each week.
  • She uses WordPress for her blogs and shares them on social media.
  • She can write about global topics or local interest topics.
  • The blog needs to answer a question, fill a need, or give information.
  • Her most popular blogs have been about parenting teenagers, setting family rules, and remembering the anniversary of a loved one’s death.
  • Blog posts shouldn’t be too long, but brief and simple.
  • Blogs should be written so they are easily readable on mobile devices.
  • Blogs don’t have to be perfect and should be conversational.
  • Pictures and graphics enhance your blogs.
  • Some of Sharon’s clients who read her blogs are much more prepared and educated when they come to her private practice.
  • Sharon had to overcome hesitancy in sharing her work and promoting herself.
  • She gets the most audience engagement from Pinterest.
  • She has tips about balancing blogging with her private practice work.
  • Sharon knows how to get shares and likes from social media sites.
  • The ultimate goal of a private practice blog is to get clients through referrals.

Sharon discusses these topics and more.  I know you will benefit from her practical tips.  Join us!

Links and Resources:

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