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Welcome!  My guest today is Mercedes Samudio, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in parent coaching.  She is here today to talk about her experience and expertise in using one of the latest forms of social media, Periscope.

Mercedes began using Periscope after becoming intrigued and interested in the platform.  She saw a few scopes, tried it out, and then found a Facebook group that focused on helping female entrepreneurs use Periscope.  They are called the “Peri Girls.”

Mercedes has general tips for scoping:

  • Be yourself.
  • Be intentional.
  • Get into a community to share broadcasts and build followers.

For clinicians like Mercedes, it’s important with any social media platform to see if your ideal client is there and how they respond and react.  Start by determining who you are looking for, and how they use the platform.  Periscope is ideal for clinicians because it is very similar to therapy, using the same skills set.

Mercedes structures her scopes as follows:

  • She has a set schedule for broadcasting with a daily scope.
  • She uses hashtags and titles that pull people in.
  • She is careful to welcome people and greeting return viewers.
  • She has a definite topic that applies to her practice or to the time of year.  Even with the structure, though, it’s important to remain flexible.

Some people may have anxiety about broadcasting a scope, but Mercedes advises that you focus on the value and service you are providing to people.

If you aren’t familiar with Periscope, you may not know how it works.  Mercedes shares the basics:

  • The recorded part is available for 24 hours, and then it disappears.
  • Save your recording to your camera roll to repurpose it later.
  • Katch.me is a service that “catches” periscopes so people can rewatch them later.
  • Mercedes says that hashtags and titles are important to highlight your content and draw people in.
  • “Hearts” can be given by tapping on the screen.  The hearts are the “popularity currency” for Periscope as “likes” are to Facebook.
  • You can link your Twitter account and Periscope so that notifications are sent when Periscope goes live, and the episode can automatically be shared on other social media platforms.
  • You can have your own Periscope page where people can go to watch live or replay your broadcasts.  Mercedes explains the details.
  • Two experts in using Periscope that Mercedes recommends following are Kim Garst and Alex Pettitt.

Links and Resources:

www.theparentingskill.com    (Mercedes’ website with many resources!)

@parentskillz    (Mercedes’ Periscope handle)