Session 45: Secrets of an Effective Psychology Today Profile

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Welcome!  My guest today is Jared DeFife, who is a psychologist specializing in relationship counseling.  He’s an expert in using Psychology Today’s website to maximize your exposure.  He has great information about using your profile in the best ways possible.  I’m excited to share this episode with you, so join me for valuable information from Jared!

Jared shares the following tips about your profile in an online directory:

  • Think of your profile as targeted and specific ads for your practice and your ONE ideal client.
  • Your profile cannot be comprehensive like your website.
  • Your profile can give a huge ROI, but you should not rely on it as your sole source of clients.
  • The basic act of writing your profile can be helpful in developing in-person networking skills.
  • The first two sentences of your profile should speak to that ideal client’s pain and make them say, “This therapist understands me.”
  • Jared talks about common mistakes that many people make in creating their profile:
    • Making their profile page about them instead of their client
    • Listing specialties and methods in language that no one understands
    • Listing credentials and degrees instead of focusing on how you will help the client
    • Filling the profile with attention-grabbers like asterisks and ALL CAPS
  • Feedback from an online community that you can trust and from friends and family will be helpful in assessing your profile’s success.
  • Use several different profiles that appeal to different areas of your niche, and switch them out periodically.

How do you stand out on a site like Psychology Today, especially if you are a private-pay practice?

  • Connect with the conflict point that people are looking for and understand.
  • Have a unique voice and a unique perspective.
  • Have a call to action at the end, whether you want the potential client to click or call you to learn more.

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Jared says, “Remember, with your profile, you are trying to be the “favorite thing” of a few people who deeply connect with you and feel that you can be helpful to them.”  Whether you create a profile on Psychology Today,, or any other website, put these tips into practice to maximize the benefit!

Links and Resources:  (Jared’s website)

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