Session 49: Transitioning from Employee to Private Practice

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Welcome! Today’s guest is Allison Puryear, LCSW and eating disorder therapist in Asheville, NC. One topic that has come up frequently among the STC Facebook community is the idea of transitioning from working for an employer to beginning your own private practice.  Allison is the perfect guest to share her experiences regarding this transition; she has done this twice, in two different states! Join the conversation with Allison!

Allison addresses the following about this transition from employer to private practice:

  • Full-time employment offers some comforts, so how do you face the fears of branching out on your own?
    • Make sure you have a plan going forward.
    • Be gentle and have a lot of self-compassion.
    • Surround yourself with friends who have gone through the process.
    • Remember, feeling momentarily insecure and untethered is normal!
  • This transition in ANY business will have obstacles, so don’t expect a smooth, easy process.  Be prepared for the glitches, and don’t beat yourself up about them.
  • The basics of your transition PLAN should cover insurance details, securing on office, networking, and saturating yourself with resources to help—like the STC podcast!
  • One of the most foundational aspects to consider BEFORE your transition is to be clear about your ideal client—the people you most want to work with.
  • Allison discusses how she began planning for her out-of-state move and transition to private practice several months before it took place.
  • “Risk aversion” is something that varies from person to person, and can vary according to the different areas of your life. Be ready for the risk, and take the plunge!
  • When Allison moved to Washington, she partnered with other colleagues in town, began networking right away, and always asked, “Who else should I meet?”
  • Allison gives tips about handling the big issue of health insurance for the private practitioner and talks about the “down time” as your private practice is building.

Allison has great tips and insight to this kind of transition. I hope you will find this session helpful. Thanks for joining me!

Links and Resources:  (Allison’s website, which includes her Private Practice Building Lists and Tips.)

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