Session 51: Overcoming Money Shame

Welcome! My guest today is Jane Carter, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Asheville, NC. Jane is here to talk about a tough topic for many clinicians to confront: “money shame.” Overcoming money shame is integral to understanding our true value.  This topic speaks of the guilt, shame, and fears that many clinicians deal with in setting fees and realizing that their services are worth a certain amount. Let’s jump into the conversation with Jane!

Jane covers the following areas of “money shame”:

  • Many therapists really struggle with accepting money for their services for several reasons, like not feeling like they’re worth it or the fear of who they could become.
  • Jane discusses a recent article she wrote about this topic in which a colleague said, “How do you put a price on compassion?”
  • Jane discusses several internal conversations that are common when clinicians consider this topic.
  • When clinicians have clients pay for their services, there are several benefits: we model the concept that you and your work have worth, we encourage the client to invest in themselves, and the client takes ownership in their therapy.
  • Jane gives practical tips to clinicians about having “the money conversation” with clients:
    • Do your own work around the shame, fear, and guilt about money issues.
    • Lay the groundwork for your fees in publications and on your website.
    • Analyze your message about money; use positive words that are not apologetic.
    • Allow the client to absorb the information when you disclose your fees; this is important for their empowerment and commitment to their therapy.
    • Know your boundaries about a sliding fee scale, discounts, or package deals.
    • How you talk to clients about money impacts the future level of trust that they have.
    • Be prepared to “let a client go” if they don’t value your service at the outset.
  • The issue of money requires a shift in mindset for clinicians regarding how they look at money and tend to money in their lives.
  • Jane’s tips to overcome “money shame”? Be gentle and kind. Shift from judgment to curiosity, and look for a peaceful relationship with money.

I hope you have enjoyed our conversation and the wonderfully practical tips from Jane. Check out the resources below, and thanks for listening!

Resources:  (Jane is offering gifts to STC listeners: a free ebook on this topic and a discounted membership in the National Association of Counselors in Private Practice.)

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