Session 59: Create an Amazing About Page

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Welcome! My guest today is Nicole Bonsol, who worked in the mental health field before launching into independent work in music and writing. She’s here to share her expert advice on creating an “About” page. If you have a website, or might have one in the future, then this episode is for YOU!

Nicole shares the following about creating the best About page possible:

  • There are common mistakes that many people make on their About pages:
    • Writing without a specific audience in mind
    • Forgetting to include a directive or a specific call to action
    • Not making your page readable and “scannable” for online reading
  • Creating your About page is trickier if you target multiple niches:
    • Focus on your common thread between niches.
    • Ask, “What do I want to be known for?”
    • Find things to include that aren’t “niche-dependent.”
  • Your call to action being “Sign up for my newsletter” is more effective than “Call me.”
  • Your About page should be “scannable:”
    • Most people who read online don’t read every word, but scan for headlines and bolded words.
    • People look for things that connect with them and their situation.
    • Use bold print and italics to grab the reader’s attention.
  • After you write your About page, read it aloud to see what should be reworded.
  • Structure your About page in the following order:
    • Begin with the reader’s experience, and NOT you!
    • Have a description section with your credentials.
    • Include a call to action at the bottom, after the reader feels a connection to you.
  • Asking for feedback from readers and clients will give you clues as to what they are looking for; you can then use language that connects with them.
  • To write “from the heart,” let your personality and style come across as you discuss values and practices without crossing personal boundaries. Nicole shares helpful tips in how to make this work for you!

Resources:  (Nicole has a free email course to help you write or revise your About page!)

Find Nicole on Instagram @nikkibonsol



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