Session 64: Increasing Efficiency in Your Private Practice

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Welcome! My guest today is Dana Hampson, who is in private practice in Alabama. Our topic is increasing efficiency in the day to day operation of a private practice. Efficiency is not a common topic, but the lack of it can waste time, lead to burnout, etc. Dana has had to learn how to run an efficient practice, as she employs four other clinicians. She readily admits to being an “efficiency nerd,” so let’s hear what Dana has to say!

Our conversation covers the following:

  • Using our time efficiently allows us to get to do what we WANT to do as we maximize our work and non-work time.
  • We need a “big picture vision” for each day so we don’t get bogged down with small tasks.
  • Dana operated on a 3-year plan for expanding and growing her business, and has taken the small steps to reach her goals.
  • Any Master Plan for your business includes how your family and personal time are affected.
  • Dana’s husband helps keep up with her business growth and financial purpose, and they look at the numbers weekly.
  • Dana used to think she was “really good” at multitasking until she realized it was reducing productivity.
  • It’s better to focus on one task at a time and do that thing well.
  • Each day, ask, “What do I NEED to do today? What do I WANT to do today?”
  • Regarding each task, ask, “Is THIS going to help me get what I want? If not, what’s a better use of my time?”
  • Getting the NEEDED things done first makes it worthwhile—don’t procrastinate!
  • Dana uses a “reward” mindset for herself to keep from procrastinating in doing things that she might not really want to do.
  • A common mistake that many people make is not appreciating that ALL minutes are valuable and have purpose.
  • “Time Sucks” are things that eat up our valuable time; do a time study to see where your time is lost.
  • Look at every small chunk of time as an opportunity to accomplish small tasks.
  • Dana’s tips for efficiency:
    • Make “staying caught up” a priority—don’t get behind!
    • Start with an online documentation system—it’s more efficient than paper!
    • Keep an envelope system for concise monthly accounting—your accountant will thank you!

Dana’s tips and strategies can be implemented and be useful for anyone, especially clinicians in private practice. Being inefficient will certainly increase your workload and frustration. Do you want to feel more focused, centered, and balanced? Take Dana's advice and practice efficiency! Thanks for joining us for this enlightening conversation!

Resources: (Dana’s website) (Dana’s email)

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