Session 74: Using Stories to Connect with Clients

Welcome! Do you love a great story? Why do we all feel a connection to stories? As a private practitioner, how do you share yourself in story without crossing boundaries? Today’s guest is Marisa Goudy, a writing coach who works with helpers and healers to help them connect with clients by using stories. Join us!

Marisa shares the following in our conversation:

  • Story is important because, “As humans, we’re hardwired for story.” We hear and respond to stories and we all have a story to tell.
  • Marisa feels that her mission is to help people connect through story.
  • A good story is a vehicle for emotion transfer; it has a beginning, middle, and end.
  • A story is a good transformation that shows the evolution of a situation.
  • In private practice, we all want to state what we do, but we need to make it more narrative.
  • Think of your ideal client as your ideal reader who wants to be taken on a journey with a story.
  • The best way to convey information is “wrapping it in a story.”
  • For clinicians who blog, Marisa says to dive into your own thinking and philosophy.
  • Stories make a blog more sustainable, gives feedback from readers, and connects with readers.
  • “As a private practice professional, you are a story-keeper, marinating in your clients’ stories.”
  • Marisa shares how she manages to “show up” every day for her readers:
    • She has committed to an everyday blog for a year, called “365 Strong Stories.”
    • If you’re feeling uninspired, it’s ok to take a break.
    • Approach your ideal reader with actionable steps.
  • Marisa explains “The Story Triangle,” which is a three-way balancing act between storyteller, audience, and story.


Marisa hosts free webinars on using the Story Triangle to transform your blogging & content marketing through storytelling. You can learn more and sign up at (There is a link to Marisa’s Facebook group: The Practice of Being Seen.)


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