Session 76: Taking on an Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Welcome! My guest today is Howard Spector, the founder of Simple Practice, a practice management software company for therapists. Howard shares what he’s learned about handling the day-to-day grind on his journey to being a successful business owner. Our topic today is Taking on an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Join us for more!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The key elements for a successful business owner: passion and perseverance
  • “Life is short; you’d better love what you do!”
  • Networking:
    • It’s important!
    • Successful practices are built on referrals from colleagues, but they have to know WHO you are and WHAT you do.
    • Networking overlaps with the passion for your business.
    • Attending conferences and other events builds relationships with colleagues.
  • Successful business owners take risks, believe in their business, and aren’t afraid to invest in their business.
  • Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” on a regular basis.
  • Howard shares how he dealt with doubts about starting his business, both from himself and from others.
  • Part of the challenge of business is dealing with money issues, management, and questions.
  • Each business owner has to find and establish their own worth.
  • As a business owner, you have to realize that some clients won’t see the value in your service or product.

Howard has amazing advice from his personal experience in business. His practical tips will help any therapist become a better business owner!

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