Session 85: Saying No as a Private Practice Business Owner

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Welcome! My guest today is Allison Puryear from the Abundance Practice Building community. Allison practices in Asheville, NC, and has a thriving coaching business for private practitioners. You may recognize her as my guest for Episode 49: Transitioning from Employee to Private Practice Owner. Today’s topic is one that is a struggle for many of us: Learning to say NO as a business owner. Why is saying NO such a hard thing? How does this apply to private practice? We’ll talk about these questions and more as we look at fees, niching, sliding scales, and boundaries. Join me for a great conversation with Allison!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Things that keep us from saying NO when we should include our personality, a desire to please, heal, succeed, and take care of others.
  • The problem sometimes translates into other areas of life also
  • The Saviour Complex: Am I the ONLY one who can help them?
  • Look at what’s best for the practitioner AND the client
  • Don’t be afraid of boundaries!
  • Look to refer the client that you can’t serve
  • Pause—Don’t make quick decisions!
  • Allison’s recent article: Saying NO in Your Practice
    • She addresses the issue in the areas of time, money, and niche.
  • Be clear about what you want your practice to look like.
  • Limit sliding scale spots; when they’re full, REFER
  • Raising rates: What’s the best way to do this?
  • Why the fear of not having enough clients leads us out of our niche
  • Allison’s tips:
    • Avoid the temptation to take every client
    • Trust in your practice, that the clients will be there
    • Have a good referral system
    • Commit to networking with colleagues
  • If you can’t say NO, then what are the results of saying YES too much?
    • Resentment
    • Not modeling good boundaries
    • Burnout (eventually)
  • “What’s possible and available in private practice is really amazing. Otherwise, you’re missing out!”

Resources: (Allison has a free checklist to help YOU!)


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