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Welcome to a helpful and honest look at strengths and weaknesses. My guest is a friend, Beth Luwandi, LPC in Cincinnati, OH. Beth works with mid-lifers in her practice and is the creator and host of the Midlife Love Bites podcast. She describes it as a podcast to address issues of dating, mating, and relating in midlife! Let’s talk with Beth about using strengths to address weaknesses as entrepreneurs. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How to find strengths and weaknesses
  • Tools to use to analyze personality types
  • Taking an honest look at weaknesses—without shame
  • Balancing independence and control
  • Digging deeper into perfectionism
  • “I need to control ______, otherwise it will be out of control.”
  • Actions, thoughts, and feelings: the heart of psychology
  • Underlying factors and fears
  • Your approach to interacting with people
  • Being ok with your weaknesses
  • Practical ways to accept weaknesses
  • Beth describes why we SHOULD question our beliefs
  • How to be more productive, more creative, and less stressed
  • Ways to improve productivity as a private practitioner: Beth begins with a morning routine!
  • Beth identifies the #1 task that is inefficient for her: doing her own bookkeeping
  • How to analyze tasks: What should you DO and what should you DELEGATE?
  • Connect with Beth: www.bethluwandi.com