Session 97: 5 Benefits of Napping

Welcome to session 97—a solo episode! Today we are talking about the benefits of naps. There is so much evidence about the positive effects of naps, and I’ve experienced these first hand. I regularly take a 25-minute nap EVERY day, and I’ve done this for several years! Unfortunately, there is a stigma around adult naps, like naps are for lazy, non-productive people or just for young kids and the elderly. Many successful people in history have extolled the benefits of naps, like Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Salvador Dali. (Isn’t that an impressive list?) Join me now as I share what I’ve learned on my personal journey as a diehard adult napper.

  • Two cultural experiences that helped shape my pro-nap attitude:
    • Growing up in India, where an hour’s nap every afternoon is normal
    • Living in Spain as a college student, where afternoon siestas are expected
  • Five benefits of naps for clinicians:
    • Naps improve alertness
    • Naps improve creativity
    • Naps improve productivity
    • Naps reduce the risk of heart disease
    • Naps can help prevent burnout
  • My personal, practical tips for great napping:
    • Be consistent with naptime
    • Don’t be too hard on yourself about falling asleep for naps at first
    • Keep the nap short (20-30 min.)
    • Turn off lights or use an eye mask
    • Invest in a travel pillow, light blanket, and sound machine
  • A great resource on napping: Take A Nap! Change Your Life by Sara Mednick

I hope this discussion and these tips have been helpful for you—and maybe opened your eyes to the great benefits to naps. Here’s hoping you can find a way to incorporate this simple step into your daily routine for increased productivity, clarity, and energy. Happy Napping!

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